Family Histories:   Allison - Swink - Crotwell - Junkins


My Grandparents and their Ancestors



Just before the end of World War II my mother, Nel Allison, eloped with my father, Ralph B. Swink Jr.  This website explores the ancestry of my grandparents:



  • Ralph Bingham Swink Sr  (1898-1970)  and Ruby Selma Crotwell  (1901-1979)


General Background

My ancestors are primarily Scots-Irish, German, and English. Almost all of them migrated to the English colonies prior to the American Revolution and their descendants eventually settled in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama.

While some arrived in the 1600s, the majority of my ancestors were part of a mass migration of both Scots-Irish and German Protestants (Palatines) to the colonies in the early 1700s.   They were fleeing their countries due to religious persecution, economic hardships, and military conscription.  Most of these people were recruited to settle on the frontier, just east of the Appalachian Mountain chain from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, forming a barrier between the coastal communities and the Native Americans.  They faced harsh conditions trying to start farms in the wilderness.  There were hostile Indians to fight during the French and Indian Wars and there were roaming bands of outlaws to contend with on their own.  There was no law and order in this area when they arrived. 


My Research

I only use facts for which I have sources. As with all old and some present day "facts," there are often discrepancies. I have tried to note those and their sources so you can reach your own conclusions.

Over the past twenty plus years I have spent many days doing research in libraries, archives, courthouses, churches, and cemeteries. I have logged endless hours reading microfilm and pouring through books. Once the Internet became available and many genealogy resources were added, research became a little easier, but still requires a lot of time and travel.

By traveling to many locations, I have had the thrill of standing on the same ground my ancestors did and walking along the same streets. I now feel a very close connection to these people who I had never even heard of before I began this project.


Using this Website

To view the genealogy for each grandparent, click the surname in the menu bar at the top of this page. These sites contain the full family tree, descendant charts, and sources for each family and related families. 

The pages for each person were generated by GedSite software from the data in my Rootsmagic file. The syntax and grammar of the sentences may sometimes be awkward. That is because I use my Rootsmagic file to keep track of facts and sources but have not always entered the data in the exact format that the computer program preferred.


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