Junkins Family History

Ancestors of Mattie Junkins

Joshua Burriss Descendant Chart

Sources indicate the Burriss family was English or Scots-Irish. The name had several spellings including Boroughs, Burrows, Burrowes, and Burress. The Burriss family was one of the oldest in what is now Anderson County, South Carolina.

Joshua Burriss was born in Virginia. Almost all dates associated with him found in my sources vary widely. It is possible there are two Joshuas who have been confused by researchers. It is likely the older Joshua is my ancestor's father or uncle. The dates of birth for Joshua range from 1724 to about 1750. He apparently moved to North Carolina before settling in the Pendleton District of South Carolina about 1790, although several sources have him there in late 1770s. He became a wealthy land owner and planter. He married Sarah Chamblee who was born in North Carolina.


Highlighted names show the direct ancestor line of Mattie Junkins.