Swink Family History

Ancestors of Ralph B. Swink, Sr


Swink Family History

Ancestors of Ralph Bingham Swink, Sr



Ralph Bingham Swink, Sr

My paternal grandfather was Ralph Bingham Swink, Sr and this is his family's history. 

Pedigree Chart of Ralph Bingham Swink, Sr

The ancestors of Ralph B. Swink, Sr include the following families: (Click on the surname to view the descendant chart and brief family history.)

• Bishop 
• Campbell 
• Gray 
• Little 
• Pearson

These families were German, Scots-Irish and English who settled in the American colonies prior to the Revolutionary War. Most were fleeing religious persecution. They were primarily Lutherans, Quakers, and Presbyterians when they arrived in the colonies.  These family lines include ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War, War Between the States, World War I and World War II. 

My research has found that our ancestors were hardworking and religious people who faced adversity to establish new lives in America. They became successful farmers, merchants, and educators.



Jesse Lewis Swink House - Woodruff, South Carolina - abt 1900

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