Swink Family History

Ancestors of Ralph B. Swink, Sr

Jonas Little Descendant Chart

The Little family is most likely of German heritage.  In the 1700s in a German community in Guilford County, North Carolina were a number of families that moved to Union County, South Carolina.  These families included surnames of Swink and Little.  Records show some of the Littles had used the name Cline, which is German for little or small.  

Jonas Little served in the South Carolina militia during the Revolutionary War.  A Revolutionary War marker honoring him has been placed in a Baptist cemetery but he was buried in the Swink - Little Family Cemetery and the family was Methodist.  Jonas was a successful planter and land owner.  His daughter Hannah married Lewis N. Swink.

Jonas Little was the great-great-grandfather of Ralph B. Swink, Sr.

 Highlighted names show the direct ancestor line of Ralph B. Swink, Sr.