Allison Family History

Ancestors of Guy C. Allison

Johann Ludwig (Lewis) Redwine Descendant Chart

The Redwine ancestors were from the Rhineland area of Germany. There are several variations of their name, such as, Riethweil, Rietweil, and Rhotwein. They immigrated to the English colonies in America in the early 1700s and settled in Pennsylvania. Johann Ludwig and his brother Johann Michael landed in Philadelphia and "qualified" by taking the oath of allegiance to King George II of Great Britain on the 29th of September 1750.

From Pennsylvania they eventually migrated to North Carolina. My direct ancestor Jacob Redwine served with the patriot militia in North Carolina.  He settled in north Georgia in the late 1700s. The Redwine Community and Redwine Methodist Church, located in what is now Hart County, Georgia, were named in his honor.


Highlighted names show the direct ancestor line of Guy C. Allison.