Crotwell Family History

Ancestors of Ruby Selma Crotwell

Joseph Summers Descendant Chart

Joseph Summers moved to Newberry District, South Carolina from Maryland and settled into what became known as the Dunker settlement.  Joseph Summers was a planter and large landowner.  He was the leader of a religious group called Dunkers and some sources referred to him as the pastor.  They believed in baptism by immersion and not cutting their hair or shaving.  This group eventually became Universalists. In 1823 he was one of the original Trustees of the Universalist Meeting House.  The church was reportedly located across the street from the Chapman-Summers Cemetery.  The Rev Giles Chapman was married to Mary, daughter of Joseph Summers.

One of the sons of Joseph Summers, John Summers, married Rosannah Waters.  He was a planter and landowner.  He was described as dignified and "disapproving of undue levity" and often referred in the area as Colonel. He and Rosannah raised the children of their daughter Mary and William C. Griffin.  Their grandson Larkin Drayton Griffin was the grandfather of Nellie Neal who married Samuel P. Crotwell.

Highlighted names show the direct ancestor line of Selma Crotwell.