Crotwell Family History

Ancestors of Ruby Selma Crotwell

Philemon Waters I Descendant Chart

The Waters family of South Carolina is descended from Edward Waters, who was born in England and arrived in the Colonies in the early 1600s. Edward was reported to have been shipwrecked on an island during his second trip to Virginia in 1609. He settled in Virginia, south of the James River, in 1618. Edward married Lady Grace O'Neill.  He was a member of the House of Burgesses and a Captain in the Virginia Militia.

It is not clear which of Edward's descendants was the father of Philemon Waters I.  No records have been found, and the family histories are confusing. Two sons of Philemon Waters I, Philemon II and Thomas W., would eventually settle in what became Newberry County, South Carolina.

Philemon Waters II had an illustrious career beginning with his service in the Virginia Militia under Col. George Washington during the French & Indian Wars. (See Philemon Waters - French and Indian Wars - Ft. Necessity for more information about Plilemon's service and connection with the mystery of Ft Necessity.)  He moved to South Carolina where he was a businessman and landowner.  He served multiple terms in the South Carolina legislature, was a tax assessor and collector, county court judge, and surveyor.   He was a Colonel in the South Carolina Militia during the American Revolution and was appointed as a member of the South Carolina state convention to ratify the U.S. Constitution, where he voted "no."  

Rosanna Waters, daughter of Philemon II, married John Summers.  They raised their grandson, Larkin Drayton Griffin, who was the grandfather of Nellie Neal.  

Highlighted names show the direct ancestor line of Selma Crotwell.